Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dave's Birthday Present

So I just realized, my patient people, that I never did post photos of David's birthday presents...

See the present?
No, the foxglove flowers were a present from David for me.  Quite a gift, too...we actually had hummingbirds come visit us!

But no, this was David's birthday present!
And the very next day, a rotten raccoon jumped on it and knocked it on the ground and broke it.  Mad face.  So in the above photo, you can actually see the notch on the right where we had to re-glue the ceiling and wall of the feeder.

And this was the other half 2/3 of his present:
 I made them based on Ana White's plans, and if you want to hear the story (it's hilarious and more than a little disastrous), you'll have to ask me in person.
 The main thing is, he likes them!  They're very comfortable and great for watching fireworks, lightning bugs, and bonfires, and if you lounge in them in the afternoon, you can easily fall right to sleep in the shade of our beautiful maple.

So I'm hard at work right now (ahem) switching my email address and sorting through the photos on my hard drive.  That's how I came upon these photos and realized they'd never made it onto the blog. Hope you're all doing very well!  I highly recommend bird feeders and sling chairs!  (But if you decide to make your own sling chairs, ask me about them first!  I learned some hard lessons on these! Hard as in nearly-threw-them-in-the-lake-before-it-was-all-over hard.)

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  1. They look great! I love the bird feeder.


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