Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A New Challenge

A new challenge.

I'm 3 days in. Out of 90.

I think I'm gonna make it.

I took "before" photos.  You don't get to see them. Yet.

My muscles all feel heavy. All except my abs. My abs are like the fat man, barely breaking a sweat with a soda in one hand, kolache in the other, going "man, this is tough! I need a nap."

But that doesn't matter. My goal is not to whip those abs into shape! or go the extreme distance and kill that workout!

Oh no. No, that's not where I'm at.

I'm doing this for one reason. Ok, two. Three, I guess, if you wanna get fussy about it.
1. I need to finish something. Just for the practice of finishing. Anything. It's good for me.
2. My sleep is suffering for lack of honest physical fatigue. My average sense of well-being has decreased over the last year since I no longer push and pull hundreds of pounds of aircraft long-ish distances several times a day.
3. This is the embarrassing non-reason I'm doing uniform pants have been getting tight. I know (hangs her head). Just can't bring myself to spend the money (and the pride) on ugly brown pants.

And that's it! Will you come with me in this new challenge? I won't post daily, obviously, just every few days. Or at least once a week. Maybe Tuesdays.


  1. Go Heidi! Good job! Hang in there! Half the battle is showing up the 2nd day. :-)

  2. Good job and good luck, Heidi! Stay away from the P90X Yoga video - it will kill your soul.

    1. you are more motivated than I am!!!

      I am, however...motivated to getting back to blogging, and I thought I'd let you know since you left the nicest comments on my old blog, Piece of Cake.

      My new blog is

      good to "see you" again!


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