Friday, October 12, 2012

The Mildly Political Supper Egg

This egg is for supper.  I'm making eggs with spinach, cheese, and sausage...what's for dinner at your house?

Today I waited to post for several reasons.  First, yesterday afternoon I "lost" my phone.  As in, the phone decided to return to the start-up page and wouldn't budge.  I restarted it 7 times, and nothing.  I was upset.  I was angry.  And sad.  And I lashed out about it that night.  I apologized to my poor, dear husband before our Skype call ended, but I still felt bad about it.

And then I watched the vice presidential debate, like I knew I shouldn't have (because I shouldn't be staying up late watching things that will make it hard to sleep, not because I shouldn't have watched it at all).  I'm glad I saw it, but.....I found it really, really hard to pay attention to the substance.  Not because it wasn't interesting, but because I couldn't hear through the contempt pouring out of Mr. Vice President.  Did he make strong, valid arguments?  The pundits mostly say yes, he did, and that he aimed for the audience's "heart."  Did Mr. Ryan make his case?  They tell me so, and that he aimed more for the voters' heads.  But what I want to know is -

How were any of them able to register anything besides the sound of contemptuous, derisive, constant laughter through over half of the debate?

.....all I got out of the debate was that contempt, in this country, is generally regarded as being "assertive," "bold," and "strong."  I know the VP debate is not usually considered a game changer, but I was hoping...I guess I don't know what for.  But I do know, whatever I was hoping for, I didn't get it.  Who "won" the debate?  After actually seeing it, I gotta say I don't really care.

My phone still wouldn't come on, and I went to bed.

Today, flying out to Mississippi Canyon 397 (1/2 hour flight), I was brooding.  Brooding on the nature of people to be in awe of other people who have loud voices and domineering manners, brooding on the catty politics here at the base (don't ask), brooding on my stupid phone and the lousy customer service of its maker.  I looked up.  Above me the sky was a soft, baby blue with wispy white clouds crossing the horizon.  It looked gentle, kind.  It looked the way I wished my world could feel.  I talked to God a lot today while flying.  It is amazing how quickly my brooding cloud dissipated during that long conversation.

I made a hat.
It didn't really turn out.

And then my phone magically came back on.  As I was getting in the car to go to the post office to send it home so Dave could return it to the store (again), I thought I'd try it one more time.  13th time's the charm, I guess.  The battery had drained to 5% somehow, while being turned off with the battery removed, but at least it finally came on.

I had more in my basket to share today, but I'm afraid I've already lost you guys anyway.  I hope you liked the hat, at least.  It's one of my better portrait shots, don't you think?


  1. Hey Heidi,
    Love the hat...but especially the picture :-)
    Dad and I watched about 15 min and were so off put by the very things you said. The demeanor of the 2 men were so strikingly different!
    Thanks for writing. I'm really enjoying your eggs.
    Love, MOM

  2. Yuck - I didn't watch the debate, but reading people's facebook comments gave me very much the same impression you had. Was just listening to a Tim Keller sermon that talked about how the way to the kingdom of heaven is through listening - whereas the way to the kingdom of man is through making people listen to you. It reminded me of that.
    I'm impressed with your hat!
    We at with the Bondurants in Beaumont tonight. Catfish, asparagus, rice casserole with shrimp and mushrooms, and yummy Asian salad. WAY better than we would have eaten if I'd cooked us something at home. Yum. I'm stuffed.
    Glad your phone turned back on. My computer did that the other day - NOT COOL. My phone doesn't turn on at all anymore since Lucy gave it a bath.

  3. Hi Heidi--this is Dad. I'm enjoying your posts which Mom shows me. You are doing some good thinking.
    Sorry about your phone...I hate technology! Or maybe I don't hate it, but I don't know that it has enhanced my life. Maybe Skype, when I can see my kid's faces when they are far away.
    When Mom and I watched a little of the debate, we came away with much the same thoughts you had. The way to lead is not through bullying, derision, and contempt.
    Cool hat!

  4. This is Mom. Are you going to tell us in another post how you made the hat?

    1. eh, I was thinking no. I'm not even sure if I didn't already delete those photos...if so, I guess I could maybe make another one. I'm hunting for a pattern now, so maybe the next one will look a little nicer than that ridiculous one.


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