Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Steamy Egg

Have you got enough time to make yourself a hot egg breakfast before you get out the door?  No?  Me neither.
So I steam it.  You put it in, set the time, and walk away.  When it dings, run it under cold water a second, then eat with a glass of cold water/milk/whatever.  Voila!  Hot breakfast that is both better and cheaper than a Pop Tart.
I made a hat out of this sweater yesterday.  I made my own pattern.  Was it brilliant?  Uh, no, not really.  I'll tell you about it later, though.


  1. Ooh! I want to see the hat you made! Good idea about the egg. I've realized in recent years that not as many people have steamers as I'd thought (I thought it was a staple of the kitchen... like a Vitamix :). I like steaming eggs - good reminder to do that. Yesterday I blended together a brown-ish banana and an egg and then cooked it like a pancake. It was pretty good! J and L ate it, and no need for syrup b/c of the sugar in the banana. I added a little vanilla to the egg/banana blended mixture. Yum.

    1. This steamer was a gift from Mom, actually, who found it at a garage sale for cheap. That banana/egg pancake sounds like a must-try! No flour at all? I would never have thought...where did the inspiration come from?

  2. Umm, some might quibble that an egg is better than a poptart... me, namely... I was fantasizing about poptarts on my hike yesterday. And fruit rollups. And peanut butter crackers.


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