Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Behemoth Someday...

Oh yes.  Yes, She Has FINALLY Arrived!

We've had the support structure finished for a little while, now.
And we started on the solid red oak desktop back in...April...?  Wow.  And to think I once truly believed this was a 2 week project.  Anyway, supports by themselves do not make for a beautiful office area, but they DO make for a stressful home.  And guests don't like stressful homes.

So once the assembly of the desktop was complete (which, actually, was back in April)...I lost all drive to actually finish the Behemoth.  Plus, I was paralyzed on the stain issue.  David, my partner and hero, stepped in.

He is the one who sanded the beast's seams, cleaned it all up, and together we used a simple tung oil finish to build the wood's natural color and bring out it's innate lustre.  This was followed by 3 (it might have been 4) coats of oil-based polyurethane, sanding between each coat.
 I love the way it turned out.
Like my yellow kitchen,  it makes me really, really happy, and I keep finding excuses to come back in here to admire it.  I took 30 photos of it, trying to capture its beauty...alas, none of them quite do it justice.
Now who's not a sucker for a good before and after??

First, the before-before:
Ugh-eeww, how could you live like that, right?

And finally...
(And the chorus of Hallelujahs soars to the heavens!)

Thanks for reading!  Mom and Dad, I'm looking forward to showing you guys around! Fly safe!!


  1. Oh wow - it's BEEAUTIFUL! Love it! Great before-and-after photos!

    Hey, umm can you change it so I don't have to read the fuzzy letters every time I comment? Because I comment a lot, and I really hate reading those letters - and I took mine off of my blog, and I've only gotten one spam comment in like 8 months. (endearing smile here) - :) please?

    1. Absolutely! If I can figure out how...

  2. Looks really nice!!!


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