Friday, September 16, 2011

Movin to Cleveland - 2

Dave has already done a lot to make the house he's renting into a snug little newlywed's starter nest.

But I like projects.  If you couldn't tell.

And before I move into a place, if there's the option of painting (and the landlord hasn't done it), I will take that $15 gallon of paint, thank you.

Now, this is a cute kitchen.  It really is.  But these walls?  These three walls needed over 1/2 a tube of spackle and another 1/2 tube of caulk.

It took half the day just to prep the wall surfaces.  And these patches...they're not spackle.

They are "touch-ups" the wrong color of paint.

Why would someone touch-up a wall in the wrong color, you ask?  Simple.  One of these walls is not like the other.  One is dingy yellow, and the other two are dingy pink.  The pink ones got touched-up in yellow.

Surprised?  So was I.  But not to worry!

Dave and I went shopping (ah! Lowes!), and the next day I had the whole day while he was at work to transform our sweet little kitchen into the brightest, cheeriest room in the house!

I spackled.  I caulked.  I scrubbed walls, and moved furniture, and vacuumed up spiders, and taped, and dripped on the only 3" of floor not covered by plastic, and changed clothes, and painted 2 and a half coats of paint on each wall until we'd gone...

...From :(

 ...To :D

Look!  No patches! (Um, excuse the table).

I talked about how happy this room made me for the next seven days to anyone who would listen.

(Now I'm contemplating what to put on the walls.  I'm thinking a paneled white-framed mirror...something like this?  With a white picture ledge below?)

Here's Dave, deboning the chicken.

The cabinet doors are next in line for a make-over.  The picture does not do the baby-ate-a-green-crayon-and-soiled-his-diaper color justice.

And then the table and chairs.  Which actually aren't offensive at all, except that I need some excitement in my life.

But what does this chair have on it?

Oh my!  Presents!
These arrived at the end of my painting day, our very first wedding presents! Thank you, Katie-Sue!!  

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  1. Beautiful transformation!! Looks terrific. :) Good job!


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