Sunday, March 4, 2012


Know how I spend a LOT of my time while I'm at work?

I'll give you a hint.  It starts with P and ends with INNING.
I also subscribe to and read several other ladies' blogs.  Today, the Nester at posted a nice article about a bunch of different stuff (she calls it Bird Watching) and random musings.  Buried in the middle was a little snippet of a thought on the subject of Pinterest with six articles linked up (I'm linking some of them too, here and here and here - the last one particularly).  The Nester's reaction was typical...hide it under a bushel, if you don't want your idea stolen!  Give freely of your ideas and hard-earned inspiration!  And for my own stuff, I have to agree.  But then I read the articles.

Uummm..........oh dear.

I...have not been pinning my own stuff.  Well, I pinned 1 of my own things...but nobody repinned it, so I guess it doesn't matter anyway.  But I've pinned an awful lot of other peoples' stuffs.  An Awful lot.  And some of it was repinned from other peoples' boards, so I don't even know where they came from or if my pin links back to the original image.  So my pins may be herding traffic to a site that doesn't deserve it while the original creative mind gets little or no credit at all.  And if that original creative mind gets mad enough about this theft of his/her work...

...did you know that in the terms of use Pinterest has us users sign, we've agreed that we won't violate copyright with our pinning?  Do YOU know how to pin without violating copyright?  Me neither.  No idea.  Did you know that, while I've accidentally maybe violated copyright and left an opening for a good suing, I've also agreed, through signing that terms of use, to not only pay all my own legal fees but to hire and pay Pinterest's laywers as well?  And to pay all the fines I am assessed AS WELL AS any fines that Pinterest is assessed?

Remember Napster?

Y'all.  I have come to the conclusion.  That I cannot afford to pin anymore.

I weep internally as I delete all my pinboards and leave the Pinterest world forever.  Well, until they work out the legal issues, anyway.  Which, I'm afraid, may come about through a hail of fire and brimstone and poisoned legal darts.

What AM I going to do with my days now???

**Update** As of last night at 5:54, all of my boards have been deleted. Insert sad face (that I own all the rights to and cannot possibly be sued for using):

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