Thursday, May 16, 2013

This Is How I Cook

Or, rather, this is how I plan to learn to cook. Anything besides soup. And hopefully I can overcome my eternally mushy veggies.
Joy of Cooking. Published in 1931, my copy was updated in the 60s. There are some interesting observations on calories and carbs in here, as well as extensive instruction on how to "entertain." Do people "entertain" anymore? Besides chips and salsa, maybe a veggie tray, and cookies if we're really gonna get fancy?
Anyways, I'm deciding what groceries to buy on the way to work since there won't be much choice once I'm down there. I'm thinking mock turtle soup. Think I can find veal bones in New Orleans? The recipe also calls for calf brains, but I'm kinda thinking uh heck no.
My sweet sister loaned me some Rachel Ray videos, too...I'll make something from that next week. Hopefully.

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