Tuesday, February 12, 2013

URN-ing It

We found a new-to-us thrift store the other day.  There are no prices on anything; you just offer what you can pay, and the proceeds go toward upkeep of the shop and community services.  There's a table of canned food and dry goods at the front for people who need it...all children's clothes are always free, all other clothes are $1 each.  So I got a couple of cake tins (heart shaped!) and this...beautiful...pair of urn vase things.
Trust me, the pic doesn't do it justice.  It's kinda yellow-y, with brilliant gold detail, and delicate pink and green roses.  Very...faux something.  Regency?  British/Asian?  Grandma got a gold-leafing set?
 And one had a huge crack down the rim.  What would you do with something like this?  They would upstage (and clash with) any flowers you put in them...they're too tall for pens...and they obviously don't mesh with my black satin runner.

Guess what I did with them?
I spray painted them white, and now I can do whatever I want with them!  They look fab with flowers.  Or my Nester-inspired disco ball looks kinda cool on a pedestal.  Or...
...I'm kinda digging my glass collection piled up in there by the window.  I like how it lifts the blue one more to eye-level and makes them more of a feature to notice.

What would you do with some highly-versatile glossy white urns?

****And just so you know, I made a big drip down the side of one urn, and both have weird, textured regions where something happened, Heaven knows what.  Maybe it's because I did this outside on a windy, wet day when it was about 42 degrees.  What do the directions say?  Non-humid, above 53 degrees, out of the wind?  Pshaw.  That would mean, like, June.  I don't have time for that.  I've got a bench to finish!  And you know?  You can't even see the flaws; I look for them and don't see them.  I just see "pretty" and "done."

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  1. They do look beautiful! And your writing cracks me up!!! :-)


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