Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Boredom and the Mudroom

These days at work drag on so long sometimes.
 I spend my long days surfing the internet, talking to the other pilots, designing and redesigning things on SketchUp...

I struggle with boredom and lack of direction.  Despite there being a dozen very good uses for all this free time I have.  Sometimes I do those things, too; I'm not a complete bum.  And I'm very grateful for the time I have and the many, many great gifts of my life.  Very grateful...and also bored.
Is it ok to be grateful, rejoicing, and content, and also bored?  Is God alright with that?

I think the answer is yes.  And a resounding NO.  He couldn't be 'alright' with me wasting the precious time he's allowed me.  I'm not alright with me wasting that time.

But I think he's happy that I talk to him about it.
I think he's happy that I feel less and less defined by my many failures, both real and perceived.  I think so because when I've asked I've received back a refreshment of the senses...a sudden awareness of sunshine, cool air on my face, a renewed sense of awe at things I usually take for granted, like the grace and agility of my fingers.  How else would He answer?  
Actually, there are probably an aweful lot of other ways he could answer...but for me, it's usually nature.
Like that.

(That sweet panorama...I know it's jagged, but if I cropped it to be more "regular," I'd have to cut off some of the clouds...not gonna happen.)

I designed a daybed, too, with storage drawers underneath.
(That's a photo of my screen.  Not a screen shot, just a photo...taken with a phone...of my computer screen.  Because I am classy sometimes. Oh! and the reflection you see in the upper right is the TV that sits behind me which I mute whenever I'm alone in the pilots' lounge.)

Tomorrow I'll be starting a Game On one-on-one that will motivate me (we hope) to get off the computer and do some serious moving (I do get up, but it usually results in more of a mosey along the fence line outside than a serious movement session with like squats and jumping jacks).  We shall see.

Tomorrow is crew change day #1, but the weather is supposed to be bad.  Again, we shall see.  Yesterday I flew 14 minutes. 14.  Minutes.  Please, fog, settle over Fourchon and leave us alone! Mama needs to fly!


  1. Love this post - thanks so much for sharing your creativity and thoughts on God! I love the visual of you in front of your computer screen (with camera phone up) and the TV muted behind you in the lounge. Makes me feel like I've been in the room with you! :)

  2. I agree with all that Kimie said! And my favorite is the 3rd one.
    What happened with P90X?


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