Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Necklace Portrait

I know I don't post very often...do you know why?  It's because I compose post after post after post in my head.  And then I sit down to write...and there's nothing there.  Not only that, there's no pictures to go with that nothing.  When do I take pictures?  When I'm doing a craft.
Ta-daa!  My new necklace portrait storage system.  It is a Heidi Interpretation of Carrie's portrait storage system, so, yes, piracy in action.

Believe it or not, this project is a necessary first step towards building Dave's new dumbbell table and cleaning out the weight room.  And I guess I'm a little intimidated by that room and the masses of junk I've allowed to accumulate in there.  Or maybe I'm dreading a frozen nose and fingers while in the basement cutting lumber.

But anyhoo.
I bought a great big, ugly, gold plastic frame at Goodwill.  For some reason, these big, ugly, gold plastic frames are kinda ubiquitous up here...I'm not sure I've walked into a thrift store yet that doesn't have at least one.  The lady behind me in the checkout said she had one just like it at home.
I removed the glass and threw it away.  Then I spray-painted the frame in Rust-Oleum oil rubbed bronze because it's warmer than black, quieter than gold, and it retains a richness I like.  You know, for plastic.  I had a set of white damask napkins inherited (I think) from the costume shop where I used to work, but they also might have come from Mom or maybe from a previous thrift excursion.  I had three knobs on hand, and all the rest in the picture above came from The Rusty Bucket for $1 each.  I drilled holes through the frame's backing, cut a hole for each knob in the fabric, and trimmed the excess knob bolts with a hand saw (thank you, Dave!).  At this point, the project cost about $10 counting spray paint and weighed about 3lb.  But then I went to World Market.
 Awch.  How can knobs be so cute?  So I bought another 5, bringing the total cost way up (I'm too embarrassed to say exactly how high), and now the monster weighed 5lb.

5 Pounds.  Without any jewelry.

So how do you hang such a beast?
 With a dainty ribbon on a jumbo Command hook.
 Well, first you cut, bend, and jimmy a wire coat hanger to actually hold the weight (it's wrapped around one of the knob bolts on each side)...
 ...and then you hide the wire and as much of the hook as possible with a dainty ribbon you got on after-Christmas clearance (thank you, Dave!).
And then you admire your beautiful new necklace display!  For those of us with too many necklaces and a lot of time on our hands, I'd rate this a pretty good project.

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  1. Wowsa, you ladies and your command hooks (Ginnie is in love with them)! That looks great, Heidi - good job!! I like it.


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