Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Dell-i-o

Did I tell you I got a lovely new laptop?
Dave got it for me.  It was a Costco Superdealio.  Dellio.  Hehe.
That's my handsome hunny.  He's explaining to me that we can't set up my new computer because it's password protected and we don't have the password (it was the display model...the jokers didn't remove the display model protections before they let us take it home).  I was horrified.  But I very quickly got over it.  See my beautiful Coach bag?
 It is beautiful.  Aside from my beautiful ring and matching earrings and necklace, it is the most beautiful thing I own.
And my new laptop fits into it.  So having to postpone turning it on for a day...totally worth it.

I am surrounded by beauty.  I realize...I'm on the mountaintop.  I know there will be a coming down at some point...I know this restful, contented, all-good moment won't last.  Will my gratitude?  Will my happiness?  I have been reading Knowing the Heart of God...MacDonald says over and over, "Have you done even one thing today just because He told you to do it?"  I find my answer to be mostly negative. I do my "good" mostly for the sake of my image or for thanks from others or whatever.  But maybe here's one thing I can say that I am doing (trying to do) just because He said to: I am trying to cast my cares on Him.  I am trying to pray unceasingly. And I think he does respond.  The other day I was complaining to Dave (raging, actually) about one of my coworkers (not the Comparaholic...they moved him to Intracoastal not 2 days after that post).  He was telling me he will be giving his girlfriend a vacuum for Christmas.

Raised eyebrows.  "A vacuum?"  Why are you even telling me this?  Table full of guys, and he waited till there was just me and him sitting there.

"Yeah.  She just moved in with me, and she's got a dog."

A while ago, he ran a birthday gift idea for this poor girl past me: a nice pillow.  Because I'm tired of her stealing mine. 

Blank look.  Seething heart.  And suddenly the memory of a Dan Allender story of a woman who met the objectification of a stranger with bold, shattering love.  It wasn't a perfect this is what you should do, but it was pretty darn close.  It was this should be the attitude of your heart.  And that is something I definitely can't do.  So that is what I will be thinking about and praying about for myself.  Pray for me?


  1. We will sure do that!
    What a strange conversation!
    Your Coach bag is holding up well. I enjoy the memory of the day we went shopping at Coach.

    1. It is holding up very well! Partly, though, because I couldn't fit my old laptop into it (1 whole inch too big), I wasn't using it very much. I like remembering that day too :)

  2. Wait so what did you say to the guy? Sounds like a real piece of work. Prayed for you this morning...

    1. Eh, I really just nodded and kept quiet. Which is better than what I wanted to say, I throwing a snowball at Suzie without putting the rock into it that I wanted to. Thank you for your prayers.


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