Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Wonderful Wicked Egg

Ah, what a lovely day we had yesterday!
 We visited the truly awesome Natural History museum.
 And David took me to see Wicked on Broadway.  It was much funnier than I'd thought it would be and every bit as magical and beautiful as I'd hoped.  I happily recommend it, thought I also probably recommend learning the soundtrack before you's a lot like an operetta in some places, and you need to understand the lyrics.

Before the show, we passed this little French restaurant, Chez Napoleon.  "Would you like French tonight?" my David asked.  "Sure," said I.
 This is apparently the sort of place 'everyone' knows about, and you really ought to have reservations for, but we got in anyway.  I had duck l'orange and Dave had venison au poivre with creamed spinach, and then I had my very first cherries was the most delicious French I've ever had!!!

Now for the presents.......David gave me a beautiful silver and sapphire necklace in the same rose design as my ring.  And I gave him a book made of all the emails we sent back and forth while dating, before Dave took the job in Cleveland.
And that was our wonderful, wonderful first anniversary!


  1. Ohhhh, your gifts to each other are so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes.
    And when I saw the title of this blog, I was so excited that you got to see Wicked...and on Broadway to boot! What a special special trip this is. So glad for you both.
    And really look forward to seeing you next week!
    Love, MOM

  2. Beautiful necklace! And what a great idea for the book!


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