About Dykestrom

Hi, I'm Mrs. Dykestrom.  I'm glad you're here!
I'm a working woman and an artistic creator of stuffs, both useful and not-so-much.  I have a living God who messes with my life, and I have an ego that doesn't like getting messed with.  And so my sense of humor is growing, my patience is lengthening, and my heart is slowly, slowly softening and strengthening.  And my collection of power tools is growing, too, as my project list expands.  This also helps with the whole patience thing.
So I'm a helicopter pilot, formerly in the Gulf of Mexico.  That's what I did (need to update that).  Sometimes I write about it, but not very often.  Usually.
Me and my beautiful husband live in Cleveland where we are learning to make a house, keep a yard, and stitch our lives together.  This is the blog where I tell those stories.  They aren't always easy.
Sometimes we build things together (like a desk), sometimes I make things by myself (like magnetic memo boards or a wool hat), and this is where I tell those stories.  They're usually funny.
Also, I like to take photos, and we like to travel.  This is where I share those stories, too.  They're usually pretty-picture-filled.
I hope you'll visit my musings, too, though I guess they're kind of embarrassing.  It's where I work things out outloud, talk about God, talk about books, and admit things about myself I'd like to see change. 

Welcome to my corner!  I hope you feel welcome here, because you are.  I know it isn't much, but maybe you'll find something here worth thinking about.  Oh, and you're welcome to pin or borrow any pictures you like of mine!  Just don't sell them, please.  They are mine to give, and you're welcome to pass them on...for free.


  1. I really like your dumbbell table desk project! Any chance I could get a copy of your SketchUp plan?


    1. Sure! I finally got around to uploading the file to SketchUp's 3D Warehouse. You should be able to easily find it by searching 'dumbbell table.' Thanks for the interest!


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