Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ohio VayCay, The Brass Pineapple and The Gauley Bridge Waterfall

This B&B is actually in Charleston, WV, not Ohio.
We are such a slow-paced, easy-does-it kind of couple...but somehow we never have enough time to explore the beautiful places we stay.  I didn't get a single picture of the cabin in the woods where we stayed before the horse outing.

But we got several of The Brass Pineapple!  This home was beautifully decorated and furnished.  We stayed in...
 But my favorite part was the wood details in the paneling and built-ins.
In the kitchen, they had one of those vintage oven/range/warming appliances that no one makes parts for anymore.
We had a view of the capitol building from the front porch, too.
This was an unplanned stop.

It was my turn to drive, and I saw a bunch of cars pulled over.  There was no other traffic, so I followed the crowd.
And it was totally worth it.  We spent about half an hour climbing around, taking a ton of photos, and I got some practice with our camera.
 Isn't this pretty?  I was so preoccupied with the water, I almost stepped on it:
 It was covering a log near the base of the falls.  I think it looks like "the mome raths."

Hasn't this been an awesome trip, so far?


  1. Beautiful waterfalls!!

  2. You said it well...Gorgeous! What a lovely place, actually both of them.


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