Thursday, February 13, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

It's Christmas Day 2013!

On my side of the family, Christmas Eve is for reading the story and opening presents.  Christmas Day is reserved for *stockings, snacking, and lounging.

Nickie and Ryan's family came over Christmas morning, too, and got to open their presents with us then.  We missed them Christmas Eve, but that's the way it goes when you're sharing relatives.
 Contrariwise, we missed Kimie and Daniel's family Christmas morning.
Jack enjoyed helping distribute stocking goodies and other presents.
Look, more missing teeth!
 *stocking = big, big bag.  We as a family grew out of the traditional "stocking" when I was, like, twelve.  So then we used stockings + grocery bags.  And as we started getting married and adding grandkids, we fully transitioned into these enormous Santa bags full of good, "ooo"-worthy things, and usually lots of those things are eatable.
Or readable.
 Everyone got a copy of The Pirate Who Tried to Capture the Moon, quite a feat when you realize it's out of print and recommended by a superstar preacher (seriously, check out the price on ebay).  If you haven't read it, find it, and read it. your bunny slippers, if you have some.
 Bunny ears don't hurt, either.
 All the grandsons got books of paper folding fighter planes.  And a sweet little $$ fighter to go with it.
It was even cold enough in Texas to have a fire!  I love a good fire in the fireplace.  Makes you want to re-prioritize your life so that suddenly the only important things to do can in fact be done while sitting in front of that cozy blaze.

Meanwhile in Cleveland, it was -15 degrees F when I left the house this morning.  Again.  But it's supposed to hit the mid-upper twenties today, so...that's...warmer...?

Be safe, wherever you be.  Stay warm.  Hug someone.  The battle goes not well, but the Kingdom comes!


  1. Geez. -15? Does it feel colder than 0 deg F? Seems like at some point it would all just feel bitter cold.

    1. Well, below zero your snot freezes inside your nose, which feels pretty weird. Otherwise, it's just a matter of how long can you keep your hands outside of your pockets before they go numb. Under 3 pairs of gloves. The lower the temp, the less time you have of useful fingers.


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