Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

Who wants to hear about our Christmas?? From, you know, two months ago...
I'll be posting more and better photos at my other site, y'all, just in the interest of not overloading there's gonna be a lot of collages in this post.  Just so you know.

We went to the Pittsburgh ballet for my early birthday present.
And my lovely sister-in-law and fam threw me an impromptu birthday party.  The photos were taken by phone and really blurry...I should just always carry the big camera everywhere I go.  But it was so nice!

Then we traveled to Dallas.  We had a great time up in McKinney with Nickie's family.
 We had stuffed crust pizza!  Man, I haven't had stuffed crust pizza in so long!  And the salad Nickie made was fabulous!
 There was much missing of teeth that night, too!
Back at Mom and Dad's house, we spent Christmas Eve reading the story...
...and, of course, unwrapping lots of pretty gifts.
...and then playing with those gifts!
 It was such a nice night, with lots of laughter and fun just being together.
I love all these faces!  It was so good to visit again after almost nine whole months and what feels like a lifetime.  Tomorrow is Christmas Day, y'all!

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  1. Aww fun photos!! Thanks for posting :)


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