Friday, March 22, 2013

The Cupboard, and Done!


Today I can say it is done done done!  In reality, not just in my computer!  The coat rack and the storage bench you've already seen:
...and last time, I showed you the cupboard in progress (along with some gorgeous hardware I was planning to use).  Now, we put it all together:
...and Dave and I have a finished, coordinated, totally take-it-with-us mudroom! 
 There's a place to stash potting soil and sidewalk salt now, instead of just throwing them on the floor. I so wish I'd taken a "before", but I was too eager to start getting it all put together!
 I used a magnet closure on these (my first inset doors!), mostly because I had it on hand and also because it was super easy to install.  Well...Dave had to add a mounting block for me, but otherwise...super easy.

NOW.  Kimie and Daniel and Lucy and Elliot are coming to visit very soon.  Remember how I got a guest room together for Mom and Dad's visit?  Well, it needs a bit of tweaking.  In the first place, it just needs tweaking.  In the second place, we're talking about babies coming to visit.  So we need a place for little ones to sleep, we need to baby-proof, and, of course, we need a playroom!  And more blackout curtains!

Mucho stuffo comin' up-o!

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  1. I LOVE your cabinet~and those hinges you used! The hardware cloth in the doors is a great touch, too. Very cool!


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