Monday, July 30, 2012

Guest Room Reveal and a Good Idea

Welcome to the completed guest room!  For as much work as we put into it, it's not really anything fancy.  But Mom and Dad seemed to like it, and I'm excited to show it off to any prospective visitors out there!  Someday, I'd love to paint it other-than-pinky-orange (which is really hard to photograph, btw), but that day is not today.

 The dresser's top is pretty rough, but I just happened to have this pretty damask/linen runner from the Lowders who brought it over from China.

Voila the free bed (with brand new mattress set and pillows):
 I got the pair of tables from the Medina Antique mall for $20 each...more than I was hoping, but they required zero effort, since they were already in perfect condition.  The lamps, I am told, are from the '30's:
 ...and I love that the bottom lights up as well as the top.  A little night light!

This is the desk that's in there right now:
 It is what the Behemoth replaced in the office.  It's a good little desk, and I intend to pretty it up a bit and make it my crafting station in the Craft Room (which is next-door to the guest room and hideous).  I'm still debating about that pretty vanity from The Bucket...maybe...maybe.

So I have no before/after photos, because before this room was simply bare. had a sewing table, a 6' ladder, and a plastic drop cloth in it.  But otherwise, totally bare.   In lieu of those make-over photos, I promised a good idea.  So here it is:

Turn a Coffee Table Into a Bench!

HA! Weren't expecting that, eh?
 It turns out the beautiful wood and wrought iron coffee table Jo-Ann gave us is exactly the same dimensions as a baby crib mattress.  It also turns out Goodwill (some of them) will sell second-hand crib mattresses for about ten bucks.  With my recent trip to and their micro-suede inexpensive-ness, Presto!  We have a "built-in" bench!  I didn't have time to properly stitch the new cushion cover, so I just wrapped the fabric around it as a place holder.
 Just one tiny problem, one likes to feel like That Guy who made the other half of the seating unit rocket skyward when they sat
A little rippage across the top, and the effect is minimized!  It still kinda does it, but in a somewhat less comical way.
 So, along with a new comfy chair purchase, we also had a living living room to offer our guests!  Dave is thrilled!
It totally looks like adults live here!

I have so much to catch up with on the from Mom and Dad's trip, coming up next!


  1. Cool! It all looks so nice! I love the bench idea, and the guest room looks so nice and uncluttered! Very relaxing, I bet.

  2. It's a great place to visit! The room and the whole house were so comfortable. The landscape looks a lot like MN. We loved it.


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