Friday, October 19, 2012

The Last Sunrise Egg

He doesn't always, but I sure felt like He saved the best for last.
Since I'm going home today, this will be the last of these (at least for this series).  Nineteen down!  Twelve breakfast eggs to go!  Hey, that's only a dozen!

Look up, today.  Notice the clouds and the leaves on the trees.  They'll be gone soon, you know, so take the time today to love them and to feel the love of the Good Giver.  Notice today how much you have, how richly He has blessed you, and how personally involved your Father is in your life.  It's easy to think no one sees you, no one appreciates all you do, and no one really cares much about you...but it's just a lie, you know?  It's a sickly whispering shadow that blinds and chokes and steals your joy.  And it just isn't true.  Even if it feels true.  And if it does feel true?  Cling to hope.  Keep talking.  Cry, if you need to.  Write.  Paint.  Go for a walk.  And look up.

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  1. I look forward to your posts every day xxoo. Nickie


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