Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Dreaming In the Bedroom Egg

Good morning!  Welcome to Tuesday Trouble!  Let's not talk about Tuesday.  Wanna know what I did yesterday?  I bet you do!

This is the master bedroom in our rental house:
That gap in the wall is the door into the room.  The transparent wall directly in front of the door is actually a solid wall, part of the closet.  Yes.  "Welcome to your bedroom...mind the wall."
 I know it may be hard to see, but...can you find the electrical outlets in this room?  I'll give you a hint: besides the one placed four feet off the floor behind the bedroom door, there are only three other outlets in this room.  That's right, two on the wall with the mirrored dresser, and the other one.......on the closet wall.  That little wall on the closet's left.

So I started dreaming.

I knocked out the right-hand wall of the closet and added a bank of built-ins with drawers and hanging space.
(Even in my dreams, I don't want to mess with wires, so we're leaving the wall with the electrical outlet in place.)  See how you can walk straight in to the room now?  And how much bigger it already feels?

But with the loss of the closet, and even with the addition of that small hanging space behind cabinet doors, David wouldn't have enough room to hang his clothes.  Plus, the dressers are looking kinda clunky in there, and the bed should really be positioned on that one wall with the two outlets anyway, soooooo.......
 I went nuts in the lumber aisle at Lowe's and made a whole bank of built-ins, including a storage bench with a drawer for linens.  Sure, it still needs curtains, baskets for the shelves, a headboard, and some kind of decor/storage above the new hanging clothes section (from Ana White), and I don't think I'd ever call this room an "oasis," but I'm not sure you could beat it for usable storage.  I did think about doing a built-in desk, but then:
We don't do any desk-y things in there anyway.
But maybe that's because we just don't have any place in there to do desk-y things right now.
Do we want to be doing desk-y things in this room?  We did just build an enormous desk in the office.
Ech, let's just do a bench.  With more storage! And maybe a pretty crib mattress top!

What do you think?  Can you see any way to make this more of an "oasis"?  What should I do with that left-hand wall?  Tell me, how do you add an electrical outlet?

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  1. 1. Adding an electrical outlet involves running wires (usually from the attic) down through the wall and then cutting a hole in the dry wall and having Daniel install the outlet (or an electrician) :). Maybe Daniel could look at it when we come in the spring?
    2. I like the bench idea but am also such a fan of floor-length curtains with nothing in front of the windows, if you can possibly spare the space. I think it makes the room look so much more oasis-y to have floor-to-ceiling drapes and nothing obscuring the window.
    3. Left wall - what about a picture wall like the ones on this site ? (http://www.switcheroom.com/2010/11/wall-how-to-display-frame-gallery.html). I also think a huge gallery-wrapped canvas of you two (wedding photo, engagement photo, or bridal portrait) would be lovely there - nice and simple.


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