Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Central Perk Egg

Good morning! 
This is my 100th Post!!!
 Yesterday was a nice, easy day for us.  We took a walk in Central Park, I had my coffee, and we got to pet some people's dogs including two sweet chinese pugs.
 And David teased a squirrel with the promise of a treat.  We saw some practicing dancers...
 ...and then we tried out another famed pizza joint (this one in Brooklyn):
See that?  "Worth the wait"?  Well, they were right, it was worth the wait, but the wait was still long.
 We finished out our final night in New York with a couple of warm cookies from Insomnia in Greenwich Village (why oh why didn't I think to schedule a little more time in this area???), and Dave got his first New York taxi experience.
 And now we're off again!  Off to West Virginia!  Blue Ridge Mountains!  Fall beauty!  Antiques!!!


  1. Love the pictures of Central Park. I'd love to go there too someday.
    Nice boots! Those weren't the ones that gave you blisters, were they?
    And W Virginia??? You guys are really doing the BEAUTIFUL TOUR! Can't wait to see those pictures, too.
    Love you both. MOM

  2. Wow, kudos to you for catching when your 100th post was! There have been a couple milestone posts I meant to call out but forgot. I am so jealous (in a good way) of your trip - it looks like so much fun! I hope you have fun in West Virginia, too--I'm looking forward to seeing those pictures! Can't believe you'll be here in a week!

  3. Hey, this is DAD (MOM's typing)
    It's been so good looking through your posts. Happy happy anniversary. Thought of you all day Tues. Know MOM texted from us, but wanted to say it anyway. Will miss seeing you, Dave, but looking forward to seeing you, Heidi this Tues. So grateful to God for you and we are so proud of you both. Sent a card...should be there Monday. Glad you're reading Love and War. Mom and I are reading Keller's book, The Meaning of Marriage and going through it with a group of friends...a glorious mess. He loves us, of course...I am so grateful.
    Well, gotta go to bed. That NY pizza, which I've only had once, looked great!


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