Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Photoshop Fun, hehe

There's a joke in this one.  It's all the way at the end.  That's why the title is laughing like that.

So Dave and I met up with most of my Dallas family in Colorado (like, a month ago), and we went hiking,
 ...and we had a cookout and roasted marshmallows,
 ...some of us, perhaps, roasted our marshmallows before the burgers were quite done...

...we played mini-golf in the setting sun,
...and we hung out, relaxed, and Kimie showed me some cool things about Photoshop that I knew had to exist.  I also, on the first day there, went for coffee with Ginnie, Nickie, and Thomas.  So...remember those facts.

(There are many, many more photos from this trip, which you'll find over here (once they're finished...someday).)

Ok, while at coffee, I took this photo with my phone and sent it to Dave:
 Feeling left out of my own photo, I had Ginnie take this one of me to send as well:
 But then I got home and started messing with my photos and thought, "Hey!  Kimie just taught me this awesome trick that worked really well on this other photo...maybe I can try it on this one, too, and then I really won't feel left out!"

So I did.
 "Hi there!  I'm Behr Ultra-White Heidi!  Why yes, that is my natural brilliant pallor. But I'm embarrassed about hovering like this, so that's why I'm blushing so profusely. On my nose..  What's that?  Where's my right shoulder?  Oh, uh, I'm kinda bunching it up behind Thomas's head because...because I'm cold.  And also I'm crouching but keeping my back straight, so that's why you can't see my legs. I...had polio. As a child.  I'm okay now, though.  Also, I have no intention of hitting Nickie, I'm just waving.  Just like everyone else."

For more examples of my creative digital mod-podging, check back often.  There will be more.


  1. Really funny! So glad you survived the whole polio thing. :-)


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