Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nickie's Visit

I finally got around to processing some long overdue photos tonight.
It feels like only last week that I looked out on this driveway, a driveway just beckoning me to come bite it on a steeply sloped sheet of ice.  Today?
Today is lush, green warmth and blooming flowers.  David found me fuschia!
I really like fuschia.  It's one of those flowers that looks nice from a distance, but up close has the power to blow you away.  If I hadn't believed in flower fairies before I met fuschia, I certainly did after.


My sister Nickie came for a visit awhile back (2 months ago, yeesh).  It was so awesome to get to spend some real time together!
It was still cold then, but at least the snow was gone.  She and Dave and I walked the property and found some treasures.
 We visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
 And shopped the Westside Market.
 Don't get me wrong, the bakers and butchers and produce sellers are where it's at, but I just love the tile artistry in this old building!
 And we got in a hike at the Hinckley Reservation just down the road from the house.
Nickie and I also hit up the Goodwill and found a $10 cherry tray-top table.
Nickie did all of the stripping while I cut a new lower shelf for the little beauty; then together we worked on painting the legs with white milk paint.  It's not finished yet...with the workshop being my priority for the moment, it stands patiently waiting.

Judging by the speed I'm getting things done around here, it may be done around Christmas.  Fingers crossed that that's an exaggeration!

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  1. Aww man! Looks like such a nice visit! Where is that table going when it's finished?


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