Thursday, November 7, 2013

David's Birthday

Oh dear.

Do you ever walk into the room where your desk/dresser/kitchen table/project bin sits, full to overflowing with stuff you haven't done but still mean to do, hang your head, and just walk out again?

I do.

All the time.

In fact, I have a desk, a project bin, a hallway floor, and now even my blog is like that.  I just look at them, hang my head, and shuffle away again.  What on earth was I doing on that project?  Oh man, I can't even file that; I don't have a folder for it.  There's no catching up now; I'm too far behind.  Forget it, let's just take it all to the dump.

But even if I could "just toss it" with everything on my desk/project bin/hallway floor, I can't just dump all the photos and post ideas floating around in my head and hard drive. Most of the posts I've been meaning to write, I more-than-half-believe I've already written.  So then I'm surprised when people I talk to don't know what I'm talking about when I refer back to non-existent posts.  I'm deciding I have to just write them.  Even if they're months and months old.

Let's start this last June, ok?

Dave turned 34 in June.  I took him to a vacation town near the shores of Lake Erie called Milan.
You probably called it M'lawn in your head, didn't you?  So did I.  But it's's My Lynn, emphasis on My.  MYlynn.
 And the town that's actually on the water is Sandusky.  Yes, just like that one.
I loved these moss-covered stones that made up the shore.  So beautiful.
We went for a hike through an old quarry.
And visited the Thomas Edison's Birthplace museum.
Did you know he invented carbon paper?  And he couldn't think what it could possibly be used for profitably, so he pretty much gave the patent away.  And thus the copy machine was born.

This was our BnB:
Hosted by a very sweet couple (who gave us some free hostas out of their garden as a going-away present!).
And then I got to give Dave his real present...
 10 laps around a short track in a real stock car!
 There was a class before-hand, about 45 minutes worth.  Then they help you get situated.
 And shepherd you from the stands.
 But then it's all you!
 They said if we heard a loud popping noise from our favorite driver's car, it meant they'd hit the rev-limiter...they were going as fast as the car could go.  Dave hit it several times.
And then this guy waved a big flag...
 ...which meant you got one last lap to get it slowed down.
 And then you exit the track (carefully!).
 And come tell me how awesome it was!
Despite the limits they put on the drivers, I think Dave had a very good time.

Happy (late) birthday, my sweetheart!


  1. Did you really post this at 3:49 AM??? What a wonderful birthday and gift! Thanks for the pictures. Really adds a lot to the story. :-)

    1. Ha! Yep, Kim is right, I was on a night shift. You should see all the pics I discarded...if you flipped through them really fast, it was like watching stop-motion of him lapping the track TEN TIMES. Like, hundreds of photos.

  2. I bet she was on night shift! I read the title and was like, "WHAT??? I thought his birthday was in JUNE!" Haha - nice to see the photos and get caught up!! Thanks for posting.

    1. Hahaha, yeah, I know, so behind! And yep, I was night shifting, bored and finally being productive :)


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