Friday, October 11, 2013

Stealth Heart Theft

When you least expect it...

 Dave and I went for a walk down to the lake the other day.  As we were walking back, this little kitten came barreling out of the brush, meowing and trying to simultaneously rub against our legs and not get too close.

She was starved for affection.  She wanted desperately to come closer, and just as desperately she feared us and what we might do.  She arched and rolled on the ground, crying and reaching out to us, but not allowing us to come closer, and both inching closer and farther away herself.  If we just stood still, offering a hand...
She eventually gave in.  Still a little conflicted, but her deafening purrs were unmistakable.

And now...
 We feed her.  On her own (hand-me-down) plate.  She has her own basket full of toys and treats.  Whenever we go outside,
she's ready and waiting for a little attention.
Okay, a lot of attention.  As much as we can spare, in fact.
She went through several names in the first few days, but then I took her to the vet, and the vet wanted to know, "who is this?" (really, vet people?  it's a cat, not a baby), so I gave them her current name:  Mindy.  

I got Mindy spayed.

Y'all.  Spaying an adorable kitty is a Traumatic Event.

She was so loopy, unstable, and irrational that night, I had to confine her to the mudroom.  To keep her from climbing, jumping, and falling off of stuff.  And?
 This big boy cat we've never seen before all-of-a-sudden showed up that night.  And staked out the mudroom window.  Mindy was hissing, growling, and jumping at the window in a very ferocious, tiny, and adorable way that this big tom didn't take even remotely seriously.
I don't know if it was just coincidence...he seemed mostly to want her food.

Look at these eyes.  She looks high, doesn't she?
 She would lose her balance even just sitting like this and almost fall off my lap.  She eventually curled up in Dave's jacket and fell asleep.
 Because we're still renting, our landlord has the final say about pets.  And his final say?  No.  No cats indoors.  Not even a tiny kitten who just wants a nice lap to sit on.  Who sits on the porch all day, begging to come inside.  Guys, it's gonna snow soon.  It makes me want to buy a house now just so we can get her indoors.  Where she belongs.

She absolutely melts my heart.

So this is Mindy.  I think she'll be with us awhile :)


  1. She's SO CUTE and sweet!!! I can definitely see why you love her :).

  2. Hey Heidi and Dave,
    She is so...huggable! What a loveable ball of fur. She's found a good home.
    And love the story. :-)
    M & D


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