Monday, October 22, 2012

The Big Apple Egg

Good morning!  Yesterday was a big day for us. It felt like we walked over the entire big city, including the Met, Central Park, the flea market, and Carnegie Deli, where they serve sandwiches as big as your head.
Which is what people like.  Lots of people.  Important people.
Like Santa.

We also hit up The Empire State Building, like good Americans.
It was monster crowded, being sunset on a Sunday, but it was totally worth it.
This was taken facing the convenient one-way mirror on one side of the building.

 We've just been reading Love and War, the chapter about sharing an adventure as practice for sharing in the Grand Adventure.  I think this is excellent practice, so far.  We've been snippy to each other, been tired and irritable, missed communication, been thoughtful and generous, and been lovely and patient with each other, and I've got two big blisters on my toes due to poor footwear choice.  Pray for us, friends, as we adventure together.  And pray for my poor toes.

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  1. How did I miss that you were going to NYC?? Wow - how fun! So, I meant to get a card in the mail for you, but it hasn't happened. So if I forget to say it tomorrow---happy anniversary!!!


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