Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The 16th Egg

 (Half-Way, Woot!)
Good morning!
Japanese anemones, anyone?  Don't they look like sunny-side-ups?  You're welcome.

I've found a hat to imitate.  I feel ambivalent about posting it here, since it's from someone's shop.......oh, alright.
The problem is that this darling hat is for sale as a pattern, not a hat, and it's also in Australia.  So....again with the ambivalence.  I'm not going to buy it (with $5 shipping for paper), and it's not like mine is going to look anything like this anyway without the actual pattern.  Um......

It's Troubled Tuesday!  Happy Tuesday!  Two days 'til I go home!  So there's very little time left to get this hat done, so I gotta go.

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