Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Fall Egg

Good morning! afternoon! evening!  This was not supposed to have taken all day!  I know, I'm late today.  BUT, I got two posts out yesterday, so I'm going to be gracious to myself.  Also, Dave worked an evening today, and I didn't want to spend his morning time at home squirreled away with my computer.

Shall I tell you about fall??
I grew up in Texas where "Fall" is a marketing ploy, much like Santa Claus.  The shops all insist you need to completely redecorate your home with "fall colors" and you should change out that summer wardrobe with warmer wear despite the fact that it looks and feels no different outside now than it did at the 4th of July picnic where you were sweating buckets in shorts in the shade.
Cooler weather?  Pshaw!
Fall colors?  Give me a break!
Change is in the air?  Humbug!
 But my wise husband took me for a walk...
 ...and then a drive...
 ...and we looked at our own backyard...
...and I discovered something...

Fall is a real thing!  Not only real, it's real right in my own backyard! And I'm betting this is just the beginning of it.  I remember looking out the window of our landing airplane two weeks ago and seeing one lone reddish-looking tree in a vast sea of green.  And I smirked, in my self-satisfied know-all way.  But despite my disbelief, it really is real and it really has come, and I don't think the Real Fall's colors look anything like the "fall collections" at the store.  There.  I said it.

And now I do hope you've had a pleasant Tuesday...they're always hard for me, somehow.  I was thinking last night of starting a weekly series: Tuesday Trouble.

Kimie, thanks for the layering mask mini-tutorial...that's how I enhanced the sky in that last photo!

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  1. Beautiful pictures!!! It is finally cooling off (80's during the day, 60's at night). I wish we had this week's temperatures during the summer. It is finally bearable to go outside for a walk.


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