Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dave's Birthday, the Second Half

After I finished recurrent training in Lafayette, I took Friday and Saturday off and met up with Dave in New Orleans.

We immediately found the pizza.
Highly recommended on Yelp, and we thought it was pretty good, too.
We took a trip to the:
 Where I, of course, took a million pretty photos.
 This was my favorite tank:
And there were frogs:
And there were sea turtles (the same ones I look for on Turtle Watch):
And there were sharks:
(Sleeping in their "natural" Gulf of Mexico habitat)
And there were otters:
Those were supposed to be videos.
I apparently don't read user's manuals.
Buck and Emma, the two adorable otters above, were spinning, turning flips, rubbing their cute little paws on their cheeks and eyes like sleepy children, and generally making me squeal with delight.  Here's what they really look like:
 I so wish I had captured that video!  Sigh.

There were birds at the aquarium, too!
 This is Parakeet Point.
These kiddos had a blast with the parakeets.  On their heads.
 There were also a rescued red-tailed hawk, 
 and a barred owl.
 They were loose in the rafters (not in the parakeet section), and we only spotted them by chance.

On to other topics.

This is a Lion's Mane Jelly:
Apparently, these jellies don't swim.  They're housed in circular tanks with a gentle jet of water blowing along one edge, and they just ride the current.

 So they circle around and around in the tank aimlessly, looking like beautiful pink clouds.  That one in the lower right corner looks like it has Christmas lights on the "chase" setting running through its veins.

We stayed in a beautiful New Orleans B&B that David found.  It was huge!
The place was right at a stop on the streetcar line, but it rained all the time we were there... we ended up driving everywhere and never took any streetcar of any name.
But we saw this cool van, though.
Which made David happy.
Happy birthday again, my dearest husband!
You make me happy!

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