Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quickie On the Desk

Laura, at Piece of Cake, is my soul sister.  She probably has no idea that this is true.  Laura, I wrote that title for you.  Glad you're feeling better!

Remember Behemoth Drawer #2?

Well, this is a revisitation.  Spell check does not like that word.  Spell check does not know everything.

This (and the spice jars) are the only things I got done before we left on the fabulous vacation in the following posts.  I wanted to scratch the Crazy Case off my list of to-do's before we left, so I attached the drawer glides.  Quick little job, right?


It wasn't gliding like a drawer is supposed to glide, but rather reluctantly udging in and out in a very depressing kind of way. There was too much friction in the glides.

So I tried screwing the sides of the glides in, so that they'd hug the drawer closer and not create so much friction.  There are holes manufactured into the glides, I thought, for just this purpose.  The screws they provide, however, would hit the running wheel no matter what I did, and create more friction plus a little sound effect.  *Click, click*

So I ripped them back off and removed the drawer bottom, ruining, in the process, my wood-filled, primed, sanded drawer face.  For the moment, anyway.

 I still thought, at this point, ok, so maybe this isn't a 10 minute job, but I'll bet it still probably won't take more than an hour.
*And the fates chuckle maliciously*

Dave cut 1/8" off the width of the drawer bottom for me.  Thank you, Dave.

After I reassembled it, the back half of the drawer glides beautifully.  But once we reach this point (pictured above), we go back to udging.

And it was no longer the drawer bottom's fault for being too fat, either.
It was my fault for attaching the sides to the face too...fat.

So I removed all  the screws from the face and tried to squeeze the sides in closer with a clamp and rescrew.  Don't laugh, you woulda tried it too, don't lie.  'Cause I could feel my "10 minute job" slowly but surely growing into an all-day-battle.

So......did you know, wood glue is really strong?  Like...really strong.  It may have a cute picture of a cow on the label and everything, but this is not the same stuff we used when I was 5.  The sides wouldn't budge.  But I'm pretty sure that cracking noise I was hearing had something to do with component failure.  I decided to quit while I was ahead.  This 10 minute job had already taken 2 hours.

Dave said he'd remove the drawer glides (again) and cut the sides in for me.  I decided to trust him.

Ok.  So that will probably be that.  It is going to look funky, but by golly that sucker is going to GLIDE!!!

But you know what else looks funky?
Crazy Case now has a Wavy Drawer.

I did this on purpose, actually.

See, what had happened was...

I laid a piece of flat wood on top of the drawer construction to make sure the drawer would move in and out without getting hung up on the desktop (we will attach a desktop someday, we will!!), and........the right side got hung up.  But the left side didn't.  And the drawer is mounted flat in there, so there's no way I hung the drawer with the right side high.

So I jigsawed a little wave into the top of the drawer.  I figured it's gonna look funky anyways, and now we're up to 3 hours, and PRESTO!!!!
It's gonna look funky, but that sucker's gonna GLIDE!!!


I totally forgot to take final photos of Crazy.  She is all done, though...minus a drawer pull.  I got the shelf pins for the second shelf, and she is already all loaded up with stuff, standing in her place by the wall, waiting for Slats to be finished and a desktop to hold (we will attach a desktop someday, we will!!).

Hope you've enjoyed your daily dose of someone else's "I spent all day on that??!!?!"



  1. I really barely notice the wavy drawer - I think it looks like it's coming along nicely! I hate when things take longer than you think they will... which they almost always do. Good work!

    1. Thanks, Kim! I'm hopping over to read your post now :)


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