Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ohio VayCay, Columbus B&B

This B&B was totally cool. It's called The Orchard House, and it's in Columbus. 
Hence the title.  We stayed in the Walden room.
The keychains were made from old silver spoons.
Much like the bracelets each of my bridesmaids received :)
Comfortable, stylish, not at all cheesy.  Great atmosphere, pretty furniture.
I really liked this brass mirror.
And these holdbacks for the drapes.
But this was definitely my favorite part.
And we had a very nice evening.

The next morning, we were served French toasted donuts and brown sugar bacon.  No photos.  I inhaled them too quickly.  Paula Deen was hiding in the kitchen, I am sure of it.

Then our host provided us with rubber boots and guided us through this... get to these!
 Lamas, alpacas, chickens, goats...
 ...and we got to feed them, too! made them like us.
The little black one on the left is Baby Belle.  So cute.  When our host went to take our picture, Baby Belle came on up to investigate.
 This was shortly before the little darling chomped on my pinky.  It drew blood, it really hurt, and it's still healing, but it was totally my fault.  I was letting her nibble my fingertip, cause she barely has any teeth.  In the front, that is.
 Dave got up-close and personal with a curious lama, too.

The "animals trying to eat the hat" became somewhat of a theme this trip.  I love this photo, especially the lama's ears.  I was singing the lama song all the time we were out here, even though neither Dave nor our guide had ever heard it.

Have you??

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  1. Oh how funny - I guess I had forgotten about that song. So random. The B&B looks so charming and nice! Glad you guys had a nice time.


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