Saturday, March 31, 2012

And the Slats Goes On...

...and on and on.

We interrupt this vacation with an update on the phenomenon known as 'the Behemoth.' 
The third unit in this desk's support structure, and easily the ugliest (though Dave swears he has a soft spot for the poor old girl), got very little attention in the very little time we were home during my last off-hitch.
Well, at least she got very little productive attention.  Story to follow:

Slats is constructed of reclaimed wood.  The reclaimed wood had a dark stained finish on it.  The finish was, apparently, sealed with something or other.

We thought that priming would be good enough over that seal.  It was not.  The primer was peeling off like cheap dried Elmer's glue.
After having applied 2 coats of primer, I determined that, however painful the lesson may be, the time had come to start over in the paint department.

Dave and I stripped her bare.
It made me pretty mad.  It took a long time.  And I had only just barely finished the stripping when we left for our Ohio Tour.  Dave can attest, I was a grouch for the first couple hours on the road.

By the time we got back, however, I had fully, fully made peace with the "It Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful" concept.
 She isn't smooth.
 She's barely primed.
 She makes shameless use of caulk in the gappy places.

 Wobble.  Wobble???

Yep.  Wobble.

And this is a no-brainer, but, remember how we did the assembly on this girl at, like 1am?  (Oh, did I not mention that in the post?), y'all, don't assemble big projects at 1am.  It is not a good idea.  THAT IS WHY I USED A PIECE MEANT FOR THE DRAWER IN THE FRAMING STRUCTURE. Thus, it is 1/2" shorter than its opposite, and the framing, which is supposed to keep things square, has skewed the whole piece.

Oh look, a ladybug.
 But did we fix the non-smoothness?  Did we prime the heck out of her after the stripping debacle??

Did we fix the wobble???

NO, we did NOT!
 She is primed, lightly sanded, and final coat-ed, lying on her side in the office.

And there stay-eth she.

My family, you are in our prayers daily.  My friends, we pray for you as well.  But we also fervently pray for the day we can say we have finally added a desktop and called this monster D-U-N.

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  1. IIIIIIII feel your pain. I hope that day comes sooner than later. Daniel seconds my sentiment. Miss you.


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