Friday, February 24, 2012

Christmas 2011, part I

This is part I of II of our Christmas Travels for 2011.

Aside from the first photo, you may well believe there were no adults at this party at all.

Except Santa.

I don't like using the makes harsh shadows and brilliantly white complexions without warmth.  But babies move fast, and thus most of my photos were futilely fuzzy.


And sweet Dana.

More kids.  And Santa.

And there!  There's where all the adults were hiding!

*This post is not to comment on anyone but myself...the adults were fully present and not hiding in the least.  It's just that I apparently take photos only of babies.  And seriously, this is all the photos I took that weren't too fuzzy to not give everyone a headache.  And How?? How did I take so few photos???  I have no idea.  I blame it on the plane/car traveling we did all day beforehand.  It was a long Christmas Travel this last year, y'all.

**The Dallas Christmas photos are...guess home.
I KNOW I saw them.  Somewhere.
They just did not make it onto my computer with everything else.  <Sigh>
They will be posted by June.  I promise.  Or, at least, before next year's photos.

I got this button from a couple bloggers I like.

via Seriously A Homemaker who, I believe, got it from The Nester

I hope you're having a good day!

Merry Christmas 2011!

'Cause it's not Christmas 2012 yet, or I'd wish you one of those!

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