Saturday, December 31, 2011

Back on the Wagon...or is it the Horse...?

I, Heidi, after much tossing and turning, have decided to continue the blogging thing.

It turns out (I don't know how many of you know this, I know I sure didn't), that planning a wedding keeps you very busy during most of your "free" time, and thus, there is much about which to talk and to blog.  So now that my free time is, actually, more or less free, I find it a little challenging to fill my time (and my conversation) with intelligent, purposeful content.

I admit, I was about convinced the only real reason to carry on would be to post up the wedding pictures.

But lo!  My egoism returns again!  And I have decided that y'all probably really missed my blog posts and wondered what Dave and I were up to now and would be more than delighted to hear more of my ramblings (now that I can't ramble about wedding stuff)!

And I am so glad to be back at it!

So in the following couple posts, I'm playing wedding photos, thoughts, from the honeymoon (no worries, nothing indecent ;)...Christmas (did that really just happen? and it's already over?)...and updates on Dave's and my latest interests and baby-steps into cooking, carpentry, and learning to pack for trips.

Stay tuned!

And happy New Year!  I'm going to bed!  Maybe now I'll be able to sleep!

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