Monday, July 18, 2011

OKC Road Trip

Dave went down to Oklahoma City for FAA radar training, as many (most?) of you know. We started the trip, oh, several weeks ago (this post comes rather tardy), drove down to Chicago to spend the night with friends, then drove the rest of the way.

That's the Sears Tower in St. Louis, Chicago, probably.
Is this really the World's largest rocking chair?
We decided, who cares?  Biggest one we've ever seen.  You can't climb on it, anyway.

Random cannon sitting next to rocking chair.  Must be the world's largest toy cannon.  Wonder where the world's largest toybox is that it goes in.

On this trip, we planned our honeymoon.  By computer, of course.

And we went out for steak.

Cimarron Steakhouse

I practiced my Aisle Style.
This is the Loepsie Sock Bun (see youtube).
And by now Dave is about two weeks into training.  He's got an awesome apartment/hotel setup where they serve breakfast 6 days a week and dinner 5 nights a week, free transportation to school, courtesy cars you can borrow, all bills, internet, and TV included, three (or 4?) pools, and maid service every Thursday.

AND I can drive up there from Dallas :D :D

Then we made...

***The following content should not be viewed by persons 15 or younger.***

What do you suppose this man is doing?

He's concentrating awfully hard...

Could it be...?

Oh, yes.  Yes, it could.  David is roasting marshmallows over the range.

While I unwrap some very melted chocolate bars.

And we have dessert.  These are BIG marshmallows, y'all.  But this method turned out perfect, golden, crunchy-outside gooshy-inside marshmallows. 

One was more than enough for me.  Plus half a candy bar.
So there you go.  Tried out a steakhouse, a hairstyle, and a new cooking method.  And Dave and I are doing well, though wishing we could see each other more.

I'm shopping for Dave's wedding ring...anyone got any good suggestions of where to go?  Just a classic gold band with inside engraving.


  1. Umm, nice post but i'm pretty sure the Sears tower is in Chicago... not St. Louis. :)

  2. Yep, that's a for sure! And thanks for clarifying that no one under the age of 15 should see the pics of the roasting of the marshmallow! :-) Nice photos.

  3. Absolutely correct, Carrie, and that is in fact Chicago, not St. Louis. So it Is the Sears tower, and it Is in Chicago. Not St. Louis. We drove through both, and each city got on different cameras...which is not an excuse...but that's why. Plus I didn't check.

  4. I bought Daniel;s wedding band from and was pleased with them... no problems, and ordering was very straight forward. Would type more but baby is feeding, so I'm one-handed. Nice post!


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