Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After

We haven't had a lick of snow here until today.  Dave mentioned to me on the drive home on Christmas Eve that he would never wish for a white Christmas again.

"Why?"  I asked.

"Because then all those snow plow workers would have to get out there and work on Christmas Day.  It'd be alright if it would snow a few days before, though."

...or, as it has here, if it would snow the day after.

My phone keeps alerting me that we're under a blizzard warning in this area until 9pm tonight.  The birds have been grateful for our little feeder.
And I have been grateful not to be a bird.  Philosophically, not a great thing to be grateful for.  Who wouldn't want to be a bird?? Me. Me, in my warm house with a box of Christmas cookies and a new laptop.  I'm sensing the depth of my brokenness.  Cold, grey nights like this, it's hard not to.  So I'm shifting my gratitude to what I have, instead.  Ah, much better.  Be careful, y'all, what you pray for...especially if your prayer involves "show me my sin."  So my new prayer today is "show me my sin, and renew my faith and joy."  It gets too bleak, otherwise.  It doesn't help if you have a headache and a trip back to work in the morning, either.

I've got the trip photos up, if you're interested.  Visit my other site, and if you like, sign up for updates by email (drag your mouse to the right and ask to "subscribe").  I hope you've had a good holiday, my dear family.


  1. Dad and I have enjoyed looking at all your pictures. Thanks for getting them up so quickly.
    What a whirlwind of a holiday you guys have had!
    Hope you have a good trip back to work...minus one annoying headache.
    M & D

  2. Love the pictures! Miss you.


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