Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Stuffy Egg

Good morning!

This is me and Dave in a hammock.
We aren't trying to look like punks, we're just looking straight up and not believing that I have us both in the view finder.  That's where that punk-ish look comes from.

This is the view from the hammock.
 And this is where the hammock is:
And yesterday was a wonderful day of antiquing!  We even made it to Luckett's, home of Miss Mustard Seed, which was kind of a big deal.  And then we had a lovely massage before bed.  And I have good news!  David is almost over this cold/congestion/sinus infection (?) thing.  And I have bad news!  Heidi is in the middle of this cold/congestion/sinus infection (?) thing.  And a little more bad more photos for today :(  Sorry, y'all, I'm gonna have to catch up later, but I feel pretty crap right now, and we're about to miss breakfast, so I gotsta go.

1 comment:

  1. Betcha you're wanting one of those hammocks for your tree now, huh?
    Beautiful place!
    I think I'm coming down with that cold/congestion/sinus stuff, too. Boo--Hiss
    Dad says Hi too and loves the pictures!


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