Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Sandy Egg

Today comes Sandy. As far as i know, our basement is not yet flooded, but we have ditched the place for the day in favor of not getting stuck there this evening.

My goodness, y'all, yesterday was a rollercoaster. I got a new phone (they totalled the old one, YES!!), my flight into Dallas was canceled (with a big kerfluffel and much ado, mom got me on another flight, hooray for mom!!), and i was operating at about 70 percent all day. Then this morning, i looked out and saw the road out of our house slowly washing out. Dave was released from work for the day, and we were both worried that we would be completely flooded in by the time it would be time for me to catch my flight out...so i made myself a smoothie, and we escaped to Giant Eagle. We've been here for three lovely hours.

Ok, dear Dallasites, as long as this flight doesn't got cancelled too, i will be seeing y'all soon! Here's hoping!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for all the work you and Dave are doing for you to get to be here. Hope that that is what is in The Plan for you.
    Nickie will pick you up and everything else will be the same.
    Fingers crossed...see you tomorrow.
    Love, MOM


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