Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dave's ReStore Find

So we went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore the other day (there are several in this area), and look what Dave found!!

Now I know it doesn't look like much, but check it out!

Still no?
Well, I definitely walked right past it...but not Dave.  He took it home, washed it up, cut up some paper...

...made some very functional labels...

...and dividers...

Yep! Those are cut-up cereal boxes!

...and for $3.50, we now have a highly functional, convenient, even kind of attractive storage solution for our woodworking shop!
(That one on the far right houses brass cup hooks, not enigmatic Home Depot impulse-aisle buys....we have those too, they just don't get their own drawer.)

See?  Functional is pretty.

The reorganization also freed up this box of various drywall we have a place to keep our $20 Kreg jig, bit, driver, screws, and wood plugs (and directions).

And now we have some handy buckets, too!  Pre-dirtied!  Seriously, these will sit on the work table and catch little things (pencil, tape measure, etc.) that would otherwise get "misplaced" mid-process.

Dave installed our new organizer in the workroom...
Our shelves = cast-off dresser minus the drawers

...but they had tip-over issues, so he fixed them...

...with a piece of scrap wood.  It fits perfectly now, and I am excited about being able to find fasteners when I need them.  And about not losing the pieces of our Kreg system.

**Update: I just found this unit at Rockler, and they retail for $80 for a set of six bins! Eighty Bucks!!  They're on sale (as of 1/29/12) for $20 (I was not paid to plug Rockler, I just happen to like them), but still...we got ours for $3.50 + a tiny bit of elbow grease.  Even more of an awesome deal than we'd originally thought!

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