Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Faltering Egg

I know, faltering already...

Well, the sun is up, and I'm on my second cup of tea.  I forgot to take the first bag out, so there's two tea bags floating around in there...I hope that's not bad for me, because I'm not fishing it out.

It's only the third day into this thing, and I'm already struggling with it...telling myself it isn't that important, arguing the long list of things I need to get done today, trying to squeeze a project (with all its photos and myriad of steps) into this post where I'm supposed to just be writing, not show-and-telling.

The Gypsy Mama says "Write the story you know. Write the story you live."
(She's over here at:
 - she's a 31 days-er, too, and worth the read)
It isn't that hard, it isn't so complicated.  And it doesn't have to be impressive or important.  It's probably not even unique.  I need to let go of that...

I'm working on a sewing project right now, did you know?  It's for Kimie's second baby's custom-sized crib.
We even bought me a serger for the project.
(Everyone says it's hard to use, so this is me setting up the machine using the workbook on's not exactly intuitive, but not hard, either.  Nothing's quite as much fun as a new tool, right?! And it stitches beautifully!)

It feels so good to be behind a sewing machine again, good scissors in hand, all almost all of my old, familiar tools at my fingertips, and make the machine sing along, hitting a straight line that I eyeballed but that I know is exactly 1/2".  It's good to work with my hands, and it's good to make use of my resources for the sake of someone else, especially for my own family, and it's good to be part of the birth of my nephew, even half-way across the country.  Well, almost all the way across the country, actually.

My list is calling to me, y'all.  Thanks for reading even this sad little post.  I hope you're having a good Wednesday!


  1. So glad you're seeing again!

  2. Oooh it's going to be so cute! Thanks, Heidi :)

  3. Stupid auto correct. That should be "sewing again"


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