Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's 2012

 Yeah, I know it's already February 17 and looong after the fact, but here's the high school (and college, actually), when the due date was announced, I always secretly waited for the "and [this date] is when I deduct 10 points from the final grade" and in my brain that became the actual due date.  But guess what??!!  There are no due dates in Blog Land but the ones I set for myself!  And I don't deduct points from myself when I'm late!  HA!  So at last, here's my obligatory V-Day post!

My sweet man got me these beauties (delivered to the door):

And these, that I requested:

(Malley's is a Cleveland boutique chocolatier)

And then this:

I laughed about this for a good while before Dave, seeming a little hurt, asked if this was the wrong thing to have gotten me and if he should have gotten one of the heart-shaped boxes (which are milk, not dark), or the ones shaped like roses, instead of this "break away" chocolate (which was the only dark he could find).


I think my explanation was something like "No, no, honey, see, it's 'break-up', like 'break-up chocolate', but it's Valentines, and it's 'break-up chocolate'.  Get it? Get it? 'Break-up'?"

The fact that he finally got the joke is more a tribute to his intelligence than my oratory skills.

"Break-Up" chocolate, by the way, is delicious.  I had it for lunch today with a glass of milk.

The man had an evening shift on V-day, so we didn't fully celebrate the holiday o' love until last night.  Dave took me to a fancy tapas restaurant.

You can't really tell in this photo, but I looked totally cute.  And Dave was looking pretty cute hisself.

Then we went to an August Wilson play in the theater district.

Did you know the theater district of Cleveland is the largest theater district west of New York?  This playhouse was a 1920s beauty, fully restored and gorgeous.  Made me wish I'd opted for a floor length silver gown trimmed in marabou feathers with gloves and a fan.  Rats.  Next time, I guess.

And just because I'm pretty sure no one has seen this picture except me and Dave, this is us celebrating our first Valentine's day last year:

So in case you were wondering, that's how much Dave's hair grows in 1 year (and a couple days).

Hope y'all are well!  Hope your week is shaping up nicely!  Can't believe I'm already halfway through my off-hitch...update on the desk, coming up.  (No, the closet still isn't finished.  I think it may never be finished.  Maybe I'll just post pics of current closet...someday).


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  1. Wow - Daniel and I both agree that the hair growth in one year is REMARKABLE!! Looks like a nice Valentines Week!


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