Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Rehearsal

It feels so funny to me that for weddings, one of the most important "performances" you'll ever participate in, you only get one 1-hour rehearsal. Granted it's all really scripted, and the parts are not complicated, and really, who cares if it looks a little glitchy from the audience...but still. Just the director in me.

So anyways. Before the actual rehearsal (of which we got zero pictures), Carrie and Nickie worked on the man-bouquets.

And Kimie and Daniel (and Lucy) worked on the massive table cloths (note the two ironing stations plus receiving tables).

Mom and Dad were involved in a major car accident just days before, so my poor mom was still incapacitated and in a lot of pain.

And then we went to dinner at Norma's!
(From this point on, you can expect almost nothing but pics)

I loved the speeches.  We somehow didn't get a photo of Darren's speech, but he did do one.

And then it was time to go home and get some rest.

Oh, but first! Kimie and Daniel gave us a gift!  It was a really awesome antique ice cream scoop!  It is much loved, especially since we can VitaMix up some organic fruit ice cream any time we want (and we often want).

Hope you've enjoyed!  Tons of photos, I know...after this round, I'm gonna start doing like Kimie and keep massive photo lists in a separate blog.

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