Friday, September 16, 2011

Movin to Cleveland - 1

This last off-hitch was monstrously busy.
Dave finished radar training in Oklahoma City, and we moved all of my stuff up north.

We headed out around 8am.  Dave drove the entire way.

Somewhere along I-40, we stopped at Ginnie's old favorite, La Hacienda, for lunch.

Which is where we inaugurated our new camera!  She has no name yet, but she is a Canon EOS Rebel T2i, and I need an Idiot's Guide to DSLR Cameras.  And I'm thinking of calling her Susan.

Thomas (my younger brother) was driving north-to-south on 40 at the same time we were driving south-to-north, so we tracked mile-markers until we met up here, at a Love's gas station.  Tom had been working at a Boy Scout camp in New York and was headed to Dallas after a stop in Nashville.  That's our UHaul in the background.

Around 10:30pm, I could no longer keep my eyes open.  I slept for 30 minutes until we reached Hall Place, a little B&B in Glasgow, KY.  I was grouchy after waking up, but not so grouchy I wasn't a little awed by all the antique nick-knacks in our room:

Antique "fainting couch."  Read: "pretty, romantic, hard-as-a-rock."  That wooden overhang on the bed...antique, handcarved...wish I'd gotten more pictures.  There were antique ladies' spats, multiples, on every hard surface, hats, gloves...real antiques, not the spiffy craft store look-alikes.  Hey, I come from a city that's only about 100 years old, I'm not used to "history."


All to ourselves.  They made us bacon, eggs, little fruit bowls with whipped cream, waffles, coffee, and juice.

Karin, one of the owners, regaled us with stories and facts about her DAR heritage and the history of the town.  It was a shame we had to get going so early...we both agreed we would have liked to explore the house and town and talked to our hosts more.  But the road was calling, and there was still much to do that day besides driving.  Gary, Karin's husband, snapped this photo of us before we took off.

So the next thing you know (cause I didn't take any other pictures), we're pulling up outside the house.

Our house.  Well, Dave's and my stuff's house.  We aren't moving Me in until after the honeymoon.  But I am now officially living out of a suitcase, both at work and in Dallas, until Dave and I are married...and I can go Home.  

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  1. Wow - beautiful B&B! Looks like a fun road trip. Thanks for your comment on my blog :). Looking forward to seeing you again before too long!


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