Monday, September 1, 2014

A Moving Update

An awful lot has been happening around here.  We spent a chunk of last week in Pittsburgh...which is its own post that may never happen, but long story short: my mother-in-law Kathy had a stroke, spent way too long in the hospital, and is now finally recovering in an intensive therapy unit.  It's kind of a long story.  I'm SO glad we got to spend that time with her, even under such sad and scary circumstances.  The therapists say she'll be swallowing on her own (and drinking Pepsi again) in a week, which is perfectly amazing given the week she's had.

Today is September First, and we are officially out of our old house.
Our first house.  The house I moved to immediately after the honeymoon.

It was old.  The courthouse had it as being built in the late 1800s, but they had all the houses in the area as being built then, too...when a fire destroyed everyone's records, they reissued records that were all given the same date.  We don't know how old the house really is.
It doesn't really matter, though.  I mean, I know I laughed at the wavy floors and awkwardness of this old house (there was a door inside the kitchen cupboard, I'm not even joking, there was half of an exterior door cut off and made a part of the inside back wall of the cupboard, why don't I have a picture of this).
The spiders in the basement were enough to keep me out of my work space a good quarter of the time.  Another quarter went to the frigid temps down there in the winter.
I learned what a "hard winter" is in that house.  We bought a car together in that house.  I learned to cook, used lots of power tools, and paid off my student loans in that house.
We built some stories in that house.
And we made a lot of applesauce.
And zucchini bread.
And while this new house (where I'm sitting right now) is perfect and amazing and we know exactly how old it is...I'm going to miss that little house on Mudlake.

Maybe someday I'll tell you about the new house, eh?  Actually, I'm supposed to be studying for my upcoming upgrade training'll definitely get an update (because I'm a procrastinator).


  1. Bittersweet...for sure!! Fun memories, exciting firsts! And we really enjoyed getting to visit you there. We look forward to many more visits in the "new" old house. :-)
    So glad to hear that Kathy has moved and is improving. We send our love to her.
    M & D

    1. Thank you, Mom. We'll probably still have frozen zucchini by the time you come visit again! Kathy is doing SO much better; such a relief, to everyone!

  2. Awwww yeah, bittersweet. It was a really good house :). We enjoyed being there and seeing all the weird stuff and seeing the train go by, and walking to the pond. We'll miss it, too! But we can't wait to see the NEW (old) house and the 20 ft. swing, etc....


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