Thursday, June 23, 2011

Busy on Hitch :-)

Yes, my hearties, VIGILANCE.
This is the Key to being a Great Helicopter Pilot.
This sign greets pilot, passenger, and mechanic as he/she steps from the office area to the ramp at PHI's Galveston base, where sit the awe-inspiring aircraft we operate.

This is where I was for the first half of this hitch, the lone 206 in a sea of monstrous S-92's and 76's (picture a VW bug parked next to a few 16- and several 18-wheelers).

This, by the way, is a 206, for those who have not Google Image-ed it yet...
Erm, yes, That was my aircraft...
...the one that's all tied-down in a very "not going anywhere" kind of way... the middle of the afternoon in beautiful flying weather.

I Do work hard.  I Do.

I found these in the employee parking lot:
Actually, they're kind of all over...all down the sides of the highway, growing in the cracks everywhere you look.

I think this is its seed pod:
Ginnie?  Any ideas?  And do you want me to collect some seeds for your alley? (I found out, btw, it's called Firewheel or Gaillardia, and they charge a lot for it up north!)

I've used the time pretty well, I think.
They're actually prettier in person.
There are about 20 usable ones.  My hands got tired, though (plus I've started working on something else), so that's as far as I've gotten.

This is a 3-coffee filter CPM rose, masking-taped to a Big paper clip:
And this is a 2-filter CPM spider mum (you just cut into the folded up filter before taping it all up):
Another variation, this water lily has shaped petals and some beads thrown in:
This 3-filter rose has shaped petals...I think it might look better than that first one, what do y'all think?  Don't mind the shape, I didn't fluff it much.
A little bud:
A magnolia (?) with bead center:
And more to come!
I'm currently working on a Secret Project for the wedding, so no details yet...only to a privileged few.  But you will All see in time ;-)


  1. Those whites look great! So creative!
    Your yellow bird would be so easy to spot as you flew overhead, if was working and you were close enough to fly overhead.
    It's really nice you aren't such a long drive away though.

  2. Aw, thanks, Mom! The chopper works just fine, there just wasn't any work for it to do :/

    Now that I'm in Port O'Connor, I'm actually 6:30 from Dallas :S about the same as Lake Charles...BUT I'm still in Texas! We Texans are better drivers, I think. With better roads. I'll come home through Austin, up 35.

  3. Beautiful! I would have been embarrassed for you to hear the incredulity in my voice as I said, "Wow - those look GOOD" upon seeing the first picture of the flowers (the first pic on this posting, I mean). Actually, all the ones you showed individually look really good, too! You will need to show us how you did them when you come back so we can start working on making more. Like I hinted before... my crepe paper dyeing experience ended as a soggy mess of toilet papery goo, and I haven't touched it again since then.


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