Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sigh, My Hair

So I've been giving my hair quite a bit of thought.  For, like, months.  I had a pinboard devoted to it.  With inspiration like this:
...and this:
Can you see where I'm headed?

At the beginning of last off-hitch, I headed straight for Dallas.  Dave joined up with me over that first weekend, and we celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday 
(I will try to keep letting y'all know when I add pics over there, but you can also just subscribe your email to that site, I mean, you know, I guess, if you want)
I never get to spend enough time with everyone in Dallas, but I did get a chunk of time with Nickie, me and Dave got to see Kimie, Daniel, and Ginnie, we shared some picture sorting duties,
and got a nice meal with Mom and Dad.  Holy cow on the photos.  Boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes...(btw, Mom, I ended up with a CD of photos that don't belong to me.  I mean, I'm glad I got them, but I'll be sending it back to you ;)

After that all too short visit, we got to our home airport just in time for Dave to walk in to work.  So I stuck around the city for awhile, wandered around, visited a brilliant lumber yard I'll tell you all about later, wandered around, spotted a random salon, and thought, 'You know?  I've been thinking about my ridiculous hair for a long time. For, like, months.  Maybe it's time I did something about it?'

I asked the girls in the shop down the street if they knew anything about their salon neighbor, good or bad.

They didn't.
I decided to chance it.

I also decided to make a donation, if I was going to go short anyway.  My David gave his hair for donation several months ago, and now my hair was long enough to do too without going full buzz cut.  My stylist was super cute, super sweet, and super talented.  Based on my pin board (highly recommend having a hair pin board, by the way, if you're looking for a hair change), this is what the sassy Jessica came up with:
psst, free lip gloss with donation!
Whatchu think? Hint: say "cute".


  1. Sorry, skipping cute and going straight to beautiful! You look fantastic! I think that "Anything Goes" was the last time it was that short, and the lip glass is great, too. :-)

  2. It looks great!! So cute. Do you like it?


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