Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remain Overnight

Remain OverNight.  R O N.
Can you guess what that means?
Yes, it means that I am the privileged new occupant of...
 ...the field superintendent's room on this platform.  It's the best room in the house, folks, with real wooden furniture, brass finishings, and my own personal bathroom.

It's freezing in here, too (which is a sure sign that it's the best, because only the bigwigs are certain not to sweat at night).
 For me, though, that means I'm doubling both blankets and both towels across my freezing feet, and I'm holding my laptop's charger to warm my frozen fingers.
And I will be sleeping in my jacket.  It's a good thing my hair is so long...other than my nose, my head is pretty warm.

Everyone here has been very nice and very sympathetic (of all days for my ridiculous helicopter to act up, it had to be at the very end of the day the wind was at gale force and the next 36 hours are forecast to be absolute crud - I won't likely be going anywhere for awhile).  And my gentlemanly hosts were very apologetic about my room's desk:
Apparently boys will be boys, even fully grown oil field superintendents*.

*Of course, it probably wasn't a superintendent who did this, and it could have been an accident, for all i know...but I'll admit, I busted out incredulous laughter when I saw it.  What on earth were they doing???


  1. Cool pictures!! Stay warm :). See you soon.

  2. Yes! stay warm. Being cold is miserable!


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