Monday, October 1, 2012

The Foggy Egg

Good morning!

For those of you exclaiming, "oh my! she's a full hour early!", erm, no, I'm on central time right now.  I'm just barely squeezing the deadline, as per usual.

I thought that this morning I would tell y'all about Dave's and my foraging adventure of yesterday, but when I sat down here with my coffee/breakfast to write, I looked up and saw...almost nothing.  The fog lay so thick on the fields that I couldn't see the train tracks, could barely see my neighbor's house, and by the time I had the photos loaded up for the foraging story, the view had changed from solid dull grey to this:
(Am I not a lucky girl?  I know it's just a neighboring farm, but what a view to have awaiting me every day!)

And so I thought instead of that adventure, I should share this micro-story with you.  Because can it be a coincidence that on the first day of this series at precisely the time I sat down to write a post, a fog I've never seen before, thick enough to obscure everything but the nearest objects, silently and rapidly dissipates before my eyes?  It seriously feels like it was timed and staged.  Just for me.  For us, since I'm sharing it with you.  I've seen fog before, of course, both on the ground and from the air, and from the air, it always looks so a thin rag of blanket left carelessly on the ground.  But from the ground, it can be paralyzing...what do you do when you can't see?  And then...then it just vanishes.  With no effort, no grand lightning show, it's just gone.

It makes me feel hopeful and curious...what is God planning to do that requires such foreshadowing?  Whatever it is, I just know it's something good!

Happy Monday!


  1. Good Morning,
    I'm so glad I've been to your house, as well as sat on the porch of that house across the road, and I know what it all looks like! It certainly is a lovely place to live!
    Love, MOM

  2. I like your observations about fog. Good to remember. Have a good day!


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