Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Eggs

I've decided to attempt what I currently feel to be the Un-Doable...I'm joining the Nester in an October series of 31...somethings.

I decided that, rather than using this opportunity of writing in community as a way to focus on any one topic, I would use this chance to simply get myself to write.  Consistently.  Just for one month.  Just to see if it's as hard as I'm hearing it is in my head.

So starting tomorrow morning, I'm inviting y'all for breakfast.  Some days it may be a long ramble, some days it will be a short note, but I'm going to attempt to get 31 posts up by 9:00 each morning...over breakfast, hopefully.  And hopefully, besides getting 31 posts up, I'll get a few good posts up in the process.  Two birds with one stone: I'll be writing consistently, and together maybe we'll get the day started well, with positive overtones, Godly conversation, and the feeling of living in community.
Shall we?  See you tomorrow?


  1. See you tomorrow! Love, MOM

  2. I agree .. the project is about *just* making the effort to write. Your photo is lovely. I will be reading!

    And thanks for visiting my blog too!


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